SPOHR Water Level Meters

Water Level Meter on hand reel
(up to 50m)

Water Level Meter with
galvanized support frame

SPOHR Water Level Meters are designed for fast, easy and reliable measurements of water levels in wells, bore holes, observation tubes, tanks and surface waters, etc.


Mode of Operation

As soon as the zero-point of the probe reaches the water surface, a high brightness LED and a buzzer at the cable reel are activated simultaneously.

When the probe is raised slightly above the water level, the LED and buzzer are switched off immediately, so that the reading point can be ascertained accurately. The depth is read off the high-precision tape.


Accessories (optional)

The standard probe diameter is 15mm. A special probe with 12mm diameter is also available.

The high-precision-measuring-tapes are available with cm/mm markings or feet and 1/100th foot markings.




Water Level Meter on big hand-reel with galvanized front-plates 232mm from 60m cable length.


Technical Data:


High quality polyethylene flat tape with two high-tensile stainless steel cables with permanent hot-stamped markings:




Cable Reel


Electronic Circuit

High sensitivity, high accuracy and very long battery life.


Power supply

Three commercial 1,5V batteries Micro AAA providing for a long time of operation; convenient replacement of the batteries.

All parts of the instrument are corrosion-resistant; the instruments are delivered ready for use including batteries.

For transportation and for protection of the water level meters optional leather case are available.

spohr lightweight water level meterSpohr Lightweight Water Level Meters are designed for fast and reliable measurements of water levels in wells, boreholes, observation tubes, tanks, surface water, etc.

The Water Level Meters feature a compact, lightweight plastic reel and frame, making them easy to transport and use in the field.

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