Reels and Lengths Options

Water Level Meter Reels

The standard reel has an easy access battery drawer, a well designed brake assembly, and convenient carrying handle. It has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable in use and stable when placed on the ground. It has an on/off sensitivity switch, light, buzzer, battery test button, and comes with a tape guide.

The mini reel is sturdy, yet very compact and easy to carry. It also has an on/off sensitivity switch, light, buzzer, and battery test button.


102 Water Level Meter Specifications
Operating temperature of reel: -20°C to +50°C
Operating temperature of cable/probe: -20°C to +80°C
Wetted materials (cable/probe): MDPE, stainless steel, Delrin®, Viton®, Polyolefin (P10 only)
Reel IP rating: IP64 (dust and splash proof)
Conductivity detection threshold: P10: 40 μS/cm P4: 100 μS/cm


Cable Length Options

Solinst Model 102 Water Level Meters are available on reels in the following standard lengths:


Mini Reel

* 25 m

* 80 ft.

Small Reel

* 30 m

* 100 ft.

* 60 m

* 200 ft.

* 100 m

* 300 ft.

150 m

500 ft.

250 m

750 ft.

300 m

1000 ft.

* Cables with P4 Probes are only available in these lengths