LevelSender 5 Quick Start Guide

To make changes to a remote LevelSender 5 station, use the LevelSender Changes tab.

From here, you can update the Sampling Rate, Reporting Rate, and Stop or Start a LevelSender 5. You can also update or set connected dataloggers to record independently in their internal memory.

Click Send, the changes will be applied to the remote LevelSender 5 station at its next scheduled report interval.

solinst levelsender 5 software changes tab for remote station updates

LevelSender Changes Tab for Remote Station Updates


If you Stop a LevelSender 5, it will stop sampling/reporting, but will continue to check for remote email updates (e.g. a new start time) from the Home Station at the set reporting rate.


Data Collection

solinst levelsender 5 report example

LevelSender 5 Report Example

Data sent in each LevelSender 5 report can be viewed/accessed in an email, SMS (text) message, LevelSender Software, and in a dynamic database on the Home Station PC.

Along with the data, each report includes information about the LevelSender 5 – including battery life, and information about connected dataloggers.

To access emails and data files using LevelSender Software, use the Data Collection tab. The data files are also automatically saved on the Home Station PC in this default location:


Select an *xle file and click solinst levelsender software export file icon to export and save the *.xle file to a different location. You can also select to export to a *.csv file.

solinst levelsender software data collection tab viewing emails and data

LevelSender Data Collection Tab for Viewing Emails and Data


Data from each report is placed in a SQLite database on the Home Station computer. Typical default directory:


The database can be queried by your own macros or applications to automatically check for updates and display the data in your own program.


You can also set up data transfer to an FTP server using the Configuration menu.



The Diagnostic Information tab can be used to perform individual diagnostic tests when the LevelSender 5 is connected to the PC with the USB to USB-C cable.

You can test the LevelSender 5 battery, mobile connection, LevelSender Email and dataloggers.

You can also Stop or Start a LevelSender 5 immediately, or set a future start time.

solinst levelsender 5 sotware diaganostics tab for a usb connected levelsender

LevelSender Diagnostics Tab for a USB Connected LevelSender



After performing all of the tests, you can send a diagnostic report from the Home Station email, LevelSender Email, or LevelSender SMS, to an email recipient of your choice. You can also download the report to your PC. The report can be used for your own purposes, or sent to Solinst for further assistance.



The LevelSender 5 is compatible with the following Solinst dataloggers, using the most recent firmware versions (or up):

Datalogger Firmware Version
Levelogger 5 1.005
Barologger 5 1.005
Levelogger 5 Junior 1.005
Levelogger 5 LTC 1.005
Rainlogger 5 1.005
LevelVent 5 1.005
Levelogger Edge 3.004
Barologger Edge 3.004
Levelogger Junior Edge 3.004
LTC Levelogger Edge 1.003
Rainlogger Edge 3.001
LevelVent 1.000



Ensure you are always using the most recent LevelSender 5 Firmware and Software versions. Visit: downloads.solinst.com to check you compatibility. See the LevelSender 5 User Guide for firmware update instructions, if required.