103 Tag Line

103 Tag Line Used to Measure Louisiana Sinkhole

A sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana has been growing for over a year and as of August 18, 2013 is nearly 24 acres in size.

The first video shows the Solinst Model 103 Tag Line being used to measure the depth of the sinkhole, while the second video shows a large number of trees being swallowed in a matter of seconds.

solinst model 103 laser marked tag lines


Model 103 Tag Line

The Solinst Tag Line uses a weight attached to a laser marked cable or tape, and is principally designed for use during the installation of monitoring wells. The Tag Line also provides a simple method to measure the depth to the bottom of a well.

The Tag Line is perfect for use when installing Solinst Model 403 CMT Multilevel Systems, as you can easily measure the depth to the top of a backfill sand or bentonite layer during the completion of a well. It is also ideal as a multi-purpose marked support line.

The cable or tape is mounted on a sturdy free-standing reel with a carrying handle, weight holder and brake.

Laser Marked Cable

The Tag Line uses durable polyethylene coated 1/16" (1.6 mm) stranded stainless steel wireline with a minimum break strength of 270 lbs (122 kg). It comes in standard lengths of 100 ft. to 1000 ft. (30 m to 300 m). Other lengths are available by request.

Markings are clearly and accurately laser etched every 1/4 foot or every 5 centimeters of the cable. The laser markings allow the cable to run smoothly over the Tape Guide.

solinst laser marked cable


Applications Where Tag Lines Are Useful


PVDF Laser Marked Tape

The Model 103 Tag Line is also available with 3/8" (10 mm) PVDF flat tape. The tape has a break strength of greater than 220 lbs (100 kg). It has a thick dog bone design that prevents adherence to wet surfaces, and allows it to hang straight.

The tape comes with laser markings every 1/100 ft. or each millimeter. Lengths are 100 ft to 1000 ft. (30 m to 300 m). Other lengths are available by request.

LM2: Feet and tenths: with markings every 1/100 ft.
LM3: Meters and centimeters: with markings every mm

solinst laser marked pvdf flat tape


Standard Length Options

The Solinst 103 Tag Lines are available in the following standard lengths:

Small Reel 30 m 100 ft
60 m 200 ft
100 m 300 ft
Medium Reel 150 m 500 ft
250 m 750 ft
300 m 1000 ft


316 Stainless Steel Tag

The standard stainless steel tag weight is 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg) and measures 3/4" x 1 ft. (19 mm x 30 cm). A narrow tag weight, 1/2" x 1 ft. (13 mm x 30 cm), weighing 0.65 lbs (0.30 kg), is also an option. Tag weights have tapered ends to minimize hang-ups during deployment and return to surface, and can be clipped on and off the cable or tape. This allows the use of the reel-mounted marked cable or tape for other uses.


solinst stainless steel tags


Tape Guide

A Tape Guide is provided with each Tag Line. It can be placed over the top of the well casing for ease of use and to protect from damage on rough edges. It can also increase reading accuracies.

solinst tape guide


solinst carry cases

Other Options

Carrying Case: Small and medium padded nylon carrying cases are available, as an optional extra. Their design has a convenient shoulder strap, zippered front pocket, zippered top, and a grommet in the base to prevent moisture build-up.

Power Reels: Power reels can be very useful to allow faster or less strenuous operation of longer lengths of cable or tape.

Replacement Parts: Replacement tags, cables, tapes and other spare parts are available.


Power Winder

The Solinst Model 101 Power Winder allows ease of use when deploying longer lengths of tape or cable. It is lightweight and simple to attach to the frame of your Tag Line (see Model 101 Power Winder Data Sheet). A standard drill provides power, which turns the rollers that are in contact with the reel. The drill is used at various speeds, in forward and reverse, to turn the reel and unwind and rewind the tape or cable.

solinst power winder installed onto tag line using flexible adaptor connected to a cordless power driller for easy deployment of sand and bentonite layers in wells and boreholes