Lightweight Water Level Meter

spohr lightweight water level meter


SPOHR Lightweight Water Level Meter

Spohr Lightweight Water Level Meters are designed for fast and reliable measurements of water levels in wells, boreholes, observation tubes, tanks, surface water, etc.

The Water Level Meters feature a compact, lightweight plastic reel and frame, making them easy to transport and use in the field.

The sturdy construction benefits from a Spohr polyethylene flat tape, proven to be durable and accurate with markings up to every millimeter.

This Spohr Water Level Meter with a plastic reel is a lightweight alternative to Spohr meters that use galvanized steel reels.


Water Level Meter Mode of Operation

The Water Level Meters use a corrosion-resistant probe connected to permanently marked flat tape, mounted on a sturdy reel. They are powered by a single standard 9V battery.

As soon as the zero-point of the probe contacts the water surface a circuit is completed. This sets off a bright LED indicator and audible buzzer simultaneously on the reel.

When the probe is raised slightly above the water level, the LED and buzzer are switched off so that the reading point can be ascertained accurately. The depth is read off the high-precision tape.


High Quality Water Level Meter Design

With a convenient carrying handle and sturdy frame, the freestanding reels are ergonomically designed for ease of use. They are constructed with a very durable, lightweight plastic. The battery is located in an accessible drawer in the front of the reel, allowing quick replacement. The reels are equipped with a light, buzzer, and brake.

spohr water level meter side view and rear view showing water level probe holder


Spohr Lightweight Water Level Meter
Features & Benefits


Water Level Meter Applications

High Quality Polyethylene Flat Water Level Meter Tape

Tape The Lightweight Water Level Meter uses high quality polyethylene flat tape that features two high-tensile stainless steel conductors. The tape is permanently heat-stamped with black markings each centimeter or millimeter, and red markings each meter. Tapes are available in 15m, 30m, 50m, 80m, and 100m lengths.

The tape runs smoothly on the reel, is flexible and hangs straight in wells. The rounded edges reduce adherence to wet surfaces. The stainless steel conductors provide strength and are non-stretch. The tape is easy to repair and splice.

spohr water level meter polyethylene tape marked every cm and meter graduations

spohr water level meter polyethylene flat tape marked every millimeter


Water Level Meter Weights: 15m=1,6kg, 30m=1,9kg, 50m=2,2kg, 80m=2,7kg, 100m=3,0kg


Corrosion-resistant Water Level Meter Probe

The probe is shielded in design to reduce or eliminate false readings in cascading water. The probe consists of a corrosionresistant body with stainless steel electrode and a flexible tape seal. The standard probe diameter is 15mm. A special 12mm diameter probe is also available.

corrosion resistant water level meter probe


Optional Water Level Meter Accessories


Other Water Level Meters

Spohr also offers Water Level Meters with galvanized steel reels in various sizes, with multiple tape length and marking options. A handheld reel is also available.

spohr water level meters