Water Level DrawDown Meter: Reels and Other Options


With a well-balanced frame, comfortable carrying handle, and handy probe holder, the standard reels are ergonomic and easy to use. They are sturdy and smooth running. The battery is housed in an easy-access drawer in the front of the reel for quick replacement. The reels are equipped with an on/off sensitivity switch, Water Level/Draw Down switch, light, buzzer, battery test button, brake and a tape guide stored on the frame.


solinst power winder installed onto 101d water level drawdown meter with flexible adaptor connected to cordless drill

Power Winder

The Solinst Model 101 Power Winder allows ease of use when deploying longer lengths of tape. It is lightweight and simple to attach to the frame of your Water Level DrawDown Meter (see Model 101 Power Winder Data Sheet). A standard drill provides power, which turns the rollers that are in contact with the reel. The drill is used at various speeds, in forward and reverse, to turn the reel and unwind and rewind the tape.

Other Options

Carrying Case: To help maximize the life of the Meter, optional small and medium padded nylon carrying cases are available. Their design has a convenient shoulder strap, zippered top and front pocket, and a grommet in the base to prevent moisture build-up.

Replacement Parts: Replacement probes, tapes, faceplates and other spare parts are available.


Tape Guide/Datum

A tape guide is provided with each Meter to prevent damage to the tape from rough edges. It also ensures easy, consistent measurements regardless of who takes readings. It can also provide support for hanging small reels on the casing.

solinst model 101d water level drawdown meter used to monitor water level in well