Dedicated Sampling Pumps

field technicial taking groundwater samples at waterloo system wellhead manifold

Dedicated equipment reduces the time and effort required to obtain data, as equipment is not lowered down the borehole and purge volumes are reduced. It gives significant cost savings and avoids cross contamination.

For long term or frequent sampling Waterloo Systems most commonly use the gas drive, Solinst Double Valve Pumps with stainless steel and PTFE valves. A pump is connected directly to the stem of each port and dual line polyethylene or PTFE tubing connects the pump to the wellhead manifold.

Pump control units are simple to use. They have quick-connect couplings with only a single connection to the manifold required. Samples from all levels are easily and rapidly obtained. Purging from some or all levels simultaneously is accommodated by the multi-purge feature of the manifold.


Low Flow Purging and Sampling

Purge volumes are very small due to the small annular space and tubing diameters used in the system. Consequently, even though flows are low, sampling is rapid, especially with dedicated pumps when all zones can be purged simultaneously.

Dedicated Bladder and Double Valve Pumps, (DVP), as well as a portable DVP are ideal for use when low flow sampling and purging techniques are desired.

model 407 bladder pump and 408 double valve pump

Model 407 Bladder Pump and 408 Double Valve Pump


Flexible Groundwater Sampler

The Micro Double Valve Pump (Micro DVP) provides high quality samples, uses coaxial PFAS-free PTFE tubing, and is small enough to fit in 1/2" (13 mm) ID tubing. The unique combination of flexibility and size make the pump ideal for sampling at depth in small flexible tubes.

model 408m double valve pump

Model 408M Double Valve Pump