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Convenient Field Data Transfer Device

The DataGrabber™ is a simple portable device that copies data from Solinst dataloggers in the field, to a USB flash drive key, with one push of a button. The DataGrabber connects to the top of a Direct Read Cable, or to the Levelogger using an Adaptor.

Each DataGrabber comes with a Solinst 512 Mb USB flash drive key; the DataGrabber is also compatible with most other USB memory devices. When data is copied to the USB device, the data remains in the Levelogger memory, and is not interrupted if it is still running. A convenient LED indicates when the data download is successful.


Levelogger App Interface

solinst levelogger app interface

  • Creates a Bluetooth® enabled connection between your Leveloggers and smart device
  • Solinst Levelogger App allows programming of your Leveloggers using your smart device
  • View real-time readings, download data and e-mail data from the App

Direct Read to Optical Adaptor

Direct Read to Optical Adaptor

The Levelogger Direct Read to Optical Adaptor allows you to directly connect your Levelogger the Levelogger App Interface without the need for a Direct Read Cable.