NEW Sonic Water Level Meter

solinst sonic water level meter

The Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter is a simple-to-use, handheld, portable unit. It consists of a Control Unit and connected Probe, and is supplied with a plastic cover for larger wells and a Solinst Field Bag. The Sonic Water Level Meter Probe transmits a sound wave into the well or pipe and measures the time for the pulse to return after contacting the water. Readings are shown on the clear LCD display on the Control Unit. The Sonic Water Level Meter allows the programming of parameters like well diameter, offsets, temperature, etc. Maximum and minimum detection ranges can also be set to ignore any interference from known well features or obstructions, and to narrow down the measurement range for obtaining the most accurate water level readings possible.


solinst sonic water level meter with field bag and frisbee disk


Where does the Sonic Water Level Meter work and how is it installed?

The Sonic Water Level Meter is designed to sit in the vent opening of a standard well cap, or the opening of a Solinst 2" Locking Well Cap. A reading is obtained within seconds of turning the Sonic Water Level Meter on. Larger diameter wells (over 10") or wells with large openings can limit sound wave detection, but with adjustments, accurate water level readings can be obtained. In the case of large diameter wells or boreholes, use a drop tube to the water. For wells with larger openings, the Solinst supplied plastic disc can be used to create a seal to contain the sound waves.


What applications are ideal for the Sonic Water Level Meter?

spohr lightweight water level meter for accurate groundwater monitoring of water levels of wells and boreholes

Spohr Lightweight Water Level Meter

Spohr Lightweight Water Level Meters are designed for fast and reliable measurements of water levels in wells, boreholes, observation tubes, tanks, surface water, etc.

The Water Level Meters feature a compact, lightweight plastic reel and frame, making them easy to transport and use in the field.